A Very Scary Story
Season 2, Episode 13
Air date October 19, 2001
Written by David Brookwell
Sean McNamara
Directed by Sean McNamara
Production code 222

A Very Scary Story was the thirteenth episode of the second season of Even Stevens. It originally aired on Disney Channel on October 19, 2001.


In a special Halloween episode, Ren develops a plan to turn the whole student body into perfect students like herself. She has Tugnut and Wexler on her side.

However, will Ren be able to transform the student body into a group of perfect students? Will Louis be able to escape Ren's crazy plan?



  • When Tawny and Twitty are telling Louis to get his eye exam, it shows a group of kids slurping milk with their sunglasses on. One of the girls on the left has her head slightly tilted and you can tell that she didn't really get her eyes removed because you can see them.
  • When everyone is entering the transformation room and Eileen looks over and says something like "it's all right dear", you can see an eye through one of the lenses, but they're not supposed to have any eyes.
  • Donnie comes into the house carrying a basketball. He sees Louis in the penguin costume and jumps over the bannister in fear. But instead of a basketball, he's now carrying some kind of inflatable animal!
  • At the episode's beginning, Ren has her hair in curlers at night. But the next morning in school, her hair is straight.

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