Louis Stevens
Birth Name

Louis Anthony Stevens

Physical description


Hair Color


Eye Color


Family information

Steve Stevens (father)
Eileen Stevens (mother)
Donnie Stevens (brother)
Ren Stevens (sister)
Loomis Freeman (evil twin)
Chuck (uncle)

Significant Other (s)

Tawny Dean

Political information

Stevens family

"If a chicken had lips... could it whistle?"
―Louis Stevens[src]

Louis Stevens was the youngest child of the Stevens. He was known as a nuisance, class clown, and troublemaker, but can also be serious when the situation calls for it. He loved to mess around with his older sister Ren. He was best friends with Alan Twitty and Tawny Dean. Louis secretly had feelings for Tawny since the first day he went to Lawrence Junior High, and eventually admitted it. When a new kid by the name of Beans Aurengauren first arrived, Stevens showed him around and taught him how to be devious.


Early lifeEdit

Personality and traitsEdit


Louis Stevens

He is shown to be funny and witty.


Behind the ScenesEdit

Louis Stevens was portrayed by Shia LaBeouf.


We find out in Heck of a Hanukkah that Louis is half Jewish and that if he was never born, a demanding smart kid would replace him.

Full name: Louis Anthony Stevens

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