Season 02, Episode 19
Ren in the Wexlervator(Ren-Gate)
Air Date January 4, 2002
Writer Matt Dearborn
Director Neal Israel
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Ren-Gate was the nineteenth episode of the second season of Even Stevens. It originally aired on Disney Channel on January 4, 2002.


Louis surprises everyone when he does a good job as a hall monitor. However, he ends up discovering a secret about Ren.

He vows to blow the whistle on her. Louis discovers that Ren is violating the school rules much to Tom Gribalski's chagrin.



  • There are lots of subtle (or not so subtle) little references and reminders about the Watergate scandal from which this episode takes its name, ex. the switching of tapes, Ren shredding documents, etc.
  • Ren goes to the third floor on the "Wexlervator," indicating the school has at least that many stories.
  • Visible on a wall in the outer area of Principal Wexler's office is a map of Pensylvania and the surrounding area. An odd thing to see displayed in a school in Sacramento, California!
  • When Louis is getting "initiated" into the hall patrol, Tom never gives him the detention slip pad, but when he leaves he had it.
  • In the scene when Mr. Wexler gets hit by Louis' locker, you can clearly see that there is no dent left in the locker, in a later scene, you can see a huge dent in the shape of Wexler's face, but it is [the dent] by far taller than Mr. Wexler himself.
  • When Louis is assigned to South Hall, the first thing he does is rip down an anti-hall monitor poster. A couple of scenes later the poster is back up.
  • Ren mispronounces the winning speling bee word "mnemonic" as "noo-mon-ic" rather than "neh-mon-ic."
  • Shorty, the elevator operator, shows Principal Wexler a newspaper from 1932 and talks about how great "that kid" Babe Ruth is doing. But by 1932 Babe Ruth was 37 years old, in his 19th season in the major leagues, and possibly the most famous man in America. Not exactly an up-and-coming "kid!"

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