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Ren Stevens
Physical description


Hair Color


Eye Color


Family information

Steve Stevens (father)
Eileen Stevens (mother)
Donnie Stevens (brother)
Louis Stevens (brother)
Loomis Freeman (evil brother)
Chuck (uncle)

Political information

Stevens family

Renee "Ren" Stevens was the only daughter and the middle child of the Stevens family. She was known as a role model and a straight-A student. She had a rivalry with her classmate Larry Beale and was often pranked on by Louis Stevens. She had had many best friends, with the most known one being Ruby Mendel. She had a huge crush on Bobby Deaver, who she tried hard to impress.


It is known that Louis and Ren mostly got along as kids. One of the few episodes where Louis and Ren teamed up in was in Take My Sister...Please, where they performed as a group in the talent show.

Personality and traitsEdit


Ren Stevens


Renee Stevens/Gallery

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