Scrub Day
Season 01, Episode 09
Louis's Anti-Scrub Revolt
Air Date August 12, 2000
Writer Dennis Rinsler
Director Neal Isreal
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Scrub Day was the ninth episode of the first season of Even Stevens. It originally aired on Disney Channel on August 12, 2000


The eighth graders prepare for Scrub Day, an initiation directed at the seventh-grade class. Louis is desperate to find a way out. Although, he receives no help from Ren, Donnie, or Principal Wexler, who R actually looking forward to it. Louis organizes the "United Scrubs of America" to stand up to Larry Beale, their chief tormentor. However, Louis loses all of his supporters when Larry decides that they’re only going to torment Louis this year.

Meanwhile, Donnie is struggling to look for a historic figure to impersonate for his high school history report. On Scrub Day itself, the patrol is out in full force seeking Louis, but he proves to be elusive for them. When Louis is finally caught, Larry and company take him to the cafeteria. There they dump him in a vat of Sloppy Joe's. Louis however, starts to make jokes about it himself, and soon has the cafeteria laughing along with him, taking the thrill of victory away from Larry and his friends.



Ren Splashes Larry-2-

Ren's "initiation" of Larry.

  • Ren mentions a vice-principal Mason who is also later referred to in "After Hours," but he or she is never seen.
  • One of the teachers is heard speaking in the bleating, wordless tones that all the teachers use in the Peanuts cartoons.
  • Tom said in his old school they gave him a swirlie for Scrub Day. But in "A Weak First Week" he was at Lawrence High.
  • At Lawrence High School, the space right next to the staircase sure does have a lot of different uses! In this episode, a phone booth is located there. In "Uncle Chuck," a door there says 'Faculty Sauna' and in "Ren-Gate," it's where the 'Wexlervator' (an elevator) is located!
  • Mr. Stevens says Abraham Lincoln "kept the nation together after the Civil War." One could quibble about his wording, as President Lincoln was assassinated only five days after Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered his troops. Some other Confederate troops did not actually surrender until after Lincoln's death. Maybe Steve should have said Lincoln kept the nation together despite the Civil War.
  • In the cafeteria scene near the end, some students who are seen standing against the far wall of the cafeteria are then seen standing behind Larry Beale in the next shot (for instance a girl dressed in light blue).
  • The seventh and eighth graders are the only ones mentioned. What about the nineth graders? Wouldn't they be worse?
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