Tawny(Stevens Manor)

Tawny showing her chops on the piano in the episode Stevens Manor.

Tawny Dean was one of Louis Stevens' best friends and later his girlfriend. She first appeared in


Early lifeEdit

Personality and traitsEdit


  2. Stevens Genes
  3. Take My Sister... Please
  4. What'll Idol Do?
  5. All About Yvette
  6. Louis in the Middle
  7. Foodzilla
  8. Family Picnic
  9. Scrub Day
  10. Easy Way
  11. Deep Chocolate
  12. Luscious Lou
  13. Movie Madness
  14. Strictly Ballroom
  15. A Weak First Week
  16. Starstruck
  17. Shutterbugged
  18. Secret World of Girls
  19. Broadcast Blues
  20. Thin Ice
  21. Head Games
  22. Devil Mountain
  23. A Very Scary Story
  24. Sadie Hawkins Day
  25. Wombat Wuv
  26. The Thomas Gribalski Affair
  27. Ren-Gate
  28. Influenza: The Musical
  29. The Kiss
  30. My Best Friend's Girlfriend
  31. Little Mr. Sacktown
  32. Short Story
  33. Hutch Boy
  34. Hardly Famous
  35. Boy on a Rock
  36. Dirty Work
  37. The Big Splash
  38. Beans on the Brain
  39. Snow Job
  40. Stevens Manor
  41. Model Principal
  42. In Ren We Trust
  43. Leavin' Stevens

Behind the ScenesEdit

Tawny Dean was portrayed by Margo Harshman.

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